Disappearing Act: Behind the Story

Disappearing Act is an un-apologetically New York story. I say that because when we were working on the plot the one thing I insisted on was it take place in NY. That’s where Ro, Brittany, and I grew up. Ro and I went to high school together and Brittany came along much later (full disclosure: Caren and Brittany are cousins and Caren was supposed to set a better example for her cousin. Instead she asked if B wanted to read cool books and drink beer).

Sally disappeared one night and her parents don’t know where she went. Her older sister Mary gets a call from her stepdad asking if she knows what happened. That’s where the guilt sets in because Mary hasn’t seen her sister in months.

Disappearing Act is written from a, “what would you do,” angle. What would you do if it were your sister, mother, friend who disappeared? Mary jumps into action. She goes to find her sister, poking around her room and talking to anyone who saw her last. And she’s met with a lot of push back. Her parents are don’t look too closely at Sally’s activities since she’s a good student until a teacher raises the red flag on Sally being involved with a possible cheating scheme. And her friends talk about her having a secret boyfriend who was significantly older than her, but not much more emotionally mature.

Disappearing Act was a blast to write and edit. We’re really proud of it and hope you like it. 🙂

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