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One day, three friends decided to day drink (that’s the type of friends they are). They lamented that they hadn’t done any writing that felt substantial. Caren was freelance editing, which meant she was knuckle deep in the guts of other people’s books. Ro was writing non-fiction health stories. And Mal was rebuilding servers for people who’d crashed their company’s sites by clicking bad links (seriously people, no one in Nigeria is a prince looking to make you rich). Mal threw out a challenge.

*We should all collaborate on a book* Mal said. By this point Caren was sideways and couldn’t get up.

*What do you mean?* Ro asked. Her eyes were crossed. She wears glasses so this went largely unnoticed.

*I mean we should finally write the damn books we’ve been meaning to write* Mal said. Both agreed. They were drunk, which made them game for an adventure.

Shortly thereafter Caren, not drunk, but with fire burning in her belly, called Roz and Mal.

*So I rented us office space* she said.

*Uh* was the response.

*We’re going to write* she said. *And we’re going to start a publishing company so we can write multiple books*.

This is how Scatterbrained Books was born. It’s since gone through a few different iterations, but has settled into a nice routine. Run by Caren Johnson Estesen and Brittany Brown (another publishing alum), with Ro Molina (w/a Roz Phillips), Scatterbrained Books is a e-publishing company that produces fiction for readers who want quick reads. Or, as they call it, the good stuff. Fueled by a wine-of-the-month club subscription, Scatterbrained Books is written in house and is produced for your favorite e-reader app. We publish mysteries and thrillers, urban fantasy and literary fantasy, YA and picture books. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on our books and to find out where we’re drinking next.


The Scatterbrained Team