Season of the Witch: Work-in-progress

Our next book is an urban fantasy called Season of the Witch. There’s a dynastic family drama centering around the Templesmith family, witches who rule the north east part of the US.

Olivia Templesmith was supposed to rule the Templesmith family when she came of age, but her aunt Catherine set her up to be exiled and her mother to be imprisoned in a hospital for the criminally insane. Olivia escaped NY with her life and her crown–a crown that she mailed back to the family in a padded envelope. She settled abroad with her aunt Rosalie and went on to become a successful doctor and volunteer for DAMA, Doctors Against Magical Abuse (the witch equivalent to Doctors Without Borders).

Olivia hadn’t been back to the Templesmith family compound in 10 years, but she returns when she finds out her mother is in danger. The Templesmiths need Olivia to do a little job for them–find her missing Uncle Hunter–and they’re holding her mom hostage to do it. They have her drugged so much that she can’t remember her own name, nevermind a spell to get herself out of there. It’s up to Olivia to swoop in and save the day. First, she has to save herself.

Season of the Witch is the first in the series. Book one will be available August 31st so mark your calendars.

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