The Pitfalls of Publishing

Waiting for a book to pub is like waiting to go to the prom. You buy your cover (equivalent of your dress). You buy your accessories (ISBN, barcode, fonts, and formatting). You arrange your pub date and what platforms you release your book on. And then you wait.

We’ve been waiting with rising anticipation for Season of the Witch to come out because it’s the first time we’ve used pre-order services. It’s been quite a ride. Kindle Direct Pub has frozen on us dozens of time (they have lovely staff that help us unstick whatever is stuck). We use Draft2Digital to upload to Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and Scribd and our cover image hasn’t actually shown up on our Universal Links page.

Once the actual even happens, we’re going to be so happy that it’s here that we’ll be too tired to dance. But we’ll dance anyway.