Love Letters to Jackson Heights: the places in Balancing Act

Balancing Act is the follow up novel to our first novel, Disappearing Act. Balancing Act is the story of Mary Alazara helping her friend Alice Cho find her missing father. It’s another whodunit, but more than that, it’s our love letter to NY.

All of us at Scatterbrained Books grew up in NY, Ro and Caren in the Bronx (Parkchester and Highbridge respectively) and Bri in New Rochelle. Caren and Ro have never lived anywhere else (Bri went outside of NY for college) and it’s this stubborn love for our city that made us set all of our books in different NYC neighborhoods.

Balancing Act is set in Jackson Heights and Elmhurst. In fact, the apartment where Mary and Claudia live is at the intersection where the two neighborhoods meet on 74th Street and Broadway. It’s where there are amazing Indian (Jackson Diner, Dosa Delight), Tibetan (Himalayan Yak), and Colombian restaurants (Arepa Lady). We’ve been dropping in these places and the food they serve, which leads to talk about the differences of culture at each place. You’ll see that the characters interact with each other through food and drink (lots of drinks). Their revelations come while sharing soup dumplings and arepas, sangria and grasshoppers.

Of course this means that we have to go to the different places and eat our way through the neighborhoods. If you can’t find us in our offices, check the local watering holes. We’re probably having another long lunch.