Love Letters to Jackson Heights: the places in Balancing Act

Balancing Act is set in Jackson Heights and Elmhurst, Queens where food places a big part of the places that the characters visit.


The Pitfalls of Publishing

Waiting for a book to pub is like waiting to go to the prom. You buy your cover (equivalent of your dress). You buy your accessories (ISBN, barcode, fonts, and formatting). You arrange your pub date and what platforms you release your book on. And then you wait. We’ve been waiting with rising anticipation for…

Season of the Witch: Work-in-progress

Our next book is an urban fantasy called Season of the Witch. There’s a dynastic family drama centering around the Templesmith family, witches who rule the north east part of the US. Olivia Templesmith was supposed to rule the Templesmith family when she came of age, but her aunt Catherine set her up to be…

Instagram Shout-out

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Disappearing Act: Behind the Story

Disappearing Act is an un-apologetically New York story. I say that because when we were working on the plot the one thing I insisted on was it take place in NY. That’s where Ro, Brittany, and I grew up. Ro and I went to high school together and Brittany came along much later (full disclosure:…

Writing Disappearing Act: Peak Behind the Curtain

Disappearing Act is our first book. Like all firsts, it was a labor of love. We agonized over the plot. We agonized over the characters. We wrote, rewrote, and revised the book six times. Here’s what we learned. When you’re writing a book, just write the damn book. You don’t have to make it perfect…

Making Scatterbrained Books

Our Story *CUE THE JAZZ TRUMPETS* One day, three friends decided to day drink (that’s the type of friends they are). They lamented that they hadn’t done any writing that felt substantial. Caren was freelance editing, which meant she was knuckle deep in the guts of other people’s books. Ro was writing non-fiction health stories….