IMG_9927Disappearing Act

By Corey Jackson

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Mary’s baffled when her younger sister Sally vanishes weeks before her high school graduation. Even more surprising is the fact that Sally’s friends, classmates, and even her teachers don’t seem to care where she is. As Mary digs for clues, all she discovers is that nothing in her sister’s life was as is it seems. Mary will follow where the clues lead her, but the closer she gets to answers, the more she wonders if she ever knew her sister at all.


SCovereason of the Witch

By Talia Betancourt

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Olivia hadn’t been back to the Templesmith family compound in 10 years, but she returns when she finds out her mother is in danger. The Templesmith’s need Olivia to do a little job for them–find her missing Uncle Hunter–and they’re holding her mom hostage to do it. They have her drugged so much that she can’t remember her own name, never mind a spell to get herself out of there. It’s up to Olivia to swoop in and save the day. First, she has to save herself.