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We love books. We come by that love honestly. Caren would sneak into her mom’s bedroom to read her V. C. Andrews novels, careful not to crack the spine (her mother didn’t think they were appropriate for 11-year-olds). Roz would brave lectures from her super religious aunts about the evils of werewolves, vampires, and democrats (in their defense, they’re quite conservative). Malcolm’s lost weekends in Barbados are the stuff of legends and only his books and extra strong cups of coffee could make his head straight again. Together we put our imaginations to work, drawing on our reading excitement and publishing ambitions, to bring you great fiction.

We’re giving you the inside scoop on our books from conception to publication. We start with the catalog description, then give updates on writing, editing, and production in our blog, and then let you pre-order copies until Publication Day, aka our Book Birthdays. Check out what projects we have cooking on our Instagram Page and stay tuned for our bookstore.

And if you’re curious about how we conceived Scatterbrained Books, read about how we got  started .